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Sunny Vietnam

Sunny Vietnam is a program that continuously helps people practice happiness based on their own choosing through various types of education and activities. The program aims to help people grow into talented individuals who will change society.

Sunny Vietnam Image

Sunny Vietnam

The program carried out pilot projects such as the Korea-Vietnam exchange program in 2019-2020 and social innovator development projects for Vietnamese students in the Republic of Korea in 2021 to help nurture young talented Vietnamese students with a strong desire to solve social problems. In recognition of the official activities of the Vietnamese government, we started a Vietnamese university student social innovator training program in Hanoi in 2022.

  • Period of Activity
    January to December (every year)
  • Number of Active People
    100 people per year
  • Activity Areas
    Hanoi (17 universities)

Promotional Business

  • Nurturing Young Talent
    Sunny Vietnam offers college students the opportunity to learn how to plan, organize, test, and implement solutions.
    The program aims to help students grow into social innovators that are able to continuously solve social problems.